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Mayor Orders Masks for Everyone Starting Friday

Starting Friday, all non-essential workers and anyone entering a place a business are required to wear a covering over their nose and mouth, Mayor Eric Garcetti announced Tuesday in a video update.

"Tonight, I am putting forth an order," he said. "Starting this Friday, April 10th, at midnight — Thursday night, Friday morning — all employees of many non-essential medical businesses will be required to wear cloth face coverings over their noses and mouths while at work. Employers are required to provide these face protections or to reimburse their employees for their cost. This applies to workers in grocery stores, drug stores, restaurants, hotels, taxis and rideshare vehicles, and construction sites, among other essential businesses".

Anyone entering a place of business must also wear a mask covering their nose and mouth starting Friday.

"If you're not covering your face by Friday morning, an essential business can refuse you service," the Mayor said.

In addition to requiring masks, employers are obligated to provide regular access to handwashing for their employees.

"These businesses that we're singling out as well must also make sure their employees have access to a clean and sanitary restroom along with proper cleansing products like soap and sanitizer, and allow their employees to wash their hands every 30 minutes," he added. Garcetti continued to stress the importance of staying home if at all possible.

You can see the Mayor's April 7 video update in its entirety below.

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