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March 24, 2020: Mayor Garcetti Announces Water and Power May be Shut Off to Nonessential Businesses

In an online video update Tuesday, Mayor Eric Garcetti announced possible consequences for nonessential businesses that are in violation of the Stay at Home order.

"If a nonessential business is refusing to comply with the order, city workers and volunteers from my Crisis Response Team will join LAPD in obtaining voluntary compliance with the directive," the Mayor said. "If we see continued noncompliance, they'll wind up facing misdemeanor charge and DWP will step in and shut off their water and power."

The Mayor recognized that many are complying with the order.

"Most Angelenos have stepped up, heeded the calls to practice physical distancing," he said. "But it isn't enough; we're still getting reports each day of nonessential businesses that continue to operate as normal. This behavior is irresponsible and selfish."

When the City Attorney's office receives complaints about local businesses, members of the City's legal force will now contact those businesses to warn them of their violations before escalating to stronger enforcement measures.

Watch the Mayor's full statement here: COVID-19 Response Update from Mayor Garcetti, March 24

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