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Hiking Trails, Golf to be Open with Restrictions this Weekend

The Department of Recreation and Parks announced today that access to Griffith Park's hiking trails and municipal golf facilities will be open for Mother's Day weekend, but anyone entering these areas must wear a mask and observe social distancing guidelines.

Tracy James of the Department of Recreation and Parks noted the importance of wearing masks at all times while on the trails, especially for hikers on single-track trails. "If masks are not worn, we will have to close the trails again," she wrote in an email. Security rangers will be monitoring the situation throughout the park; access will be modified as needed.

Hikers are reminded to stay on designated trails. "Rescues due to non-compliance of [staying on designated trails] takes precious resources away from where they are needed most," James wrote. Another reason to stay on the trails: Rangers have reported an abundance of rattlesnakes in the area.

The gates at Vermont and Commonwealth will remain closed to vehicular traffic. Fern Dell at Los Feliz Boulevard will be closed to vehicular traffic, but rangers will be on duty to allow access to residents. Pedestrians will also be allowed access.

Golfers who do not wear masks on the course will be turned away. The city's Recreation and Parks website notes that all pro shops and indoor dining are to remain closed except for take-out food purchases or payment for golf services.

Other park facilities, including the observatory, zoo and merry-go-round, will remain closed. With Runyon Canyon trails closed, the parks department is expecting a busy weekend at Griffith Park. For more information on the status of the city's parks during the Safer-at-Home directive, visit

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