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Griffith Park: 4th of July Closures

This Fourth of July weekend, large crowds are anticipated in and around Griffith Park's parking lots, roads and trails. Griffith Park entrances — including Fern Dell and Bronson Canyon — will be monitored by Park Rangers who can close the park at any time.

At 5pm, traffic will be no longer be allowed through the Vermont gate and Fern Dell; although pedestrians will still be admitted.At 7pm, rangers will stop admitting pedestrians into the Vermont gate and Fern Dell. The Friends of Griffith Park website will have up-to-date information on possible closures.

Finally, fireworks are illegal in Los Angeles, and are especially dangerous near Griffith Park. Remember that open fires are not allowed anywhere in the park. Limited BBQ pits are available on a first-come, first-serve basis at the Crystal Springs Picnic Area. Dispose of hot coals in containers specific for this purpose. ... and one more... It’s rattlesnake season! Human/snake interactions are on the rise this year, so it’s vital that hikers stay on trails! If you see a snake, please give it a wide berth.

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